SILVER CREEK - Your Personal Ad Agency!

Affordable advertising and marketing solutions to help your small businesses soar above the competition.

Our goal is to help local businesses look just as good as national chains, without spending a national chain budget. We can help enhance your brand and insure that it's promoted consistently and effectively across all advertising platforms. From ad design and layout, to photography and web design, to promotional merchandise, and logo design, we make sure your small business makes a great impression, the first time and every time! We help your business soar above the competition. To find out how we can help your business give us a call @ (704) 230-8706 or email us from our Contact Us page.


Advertising layout and design


Flyers and brochures


Marketing collateral


Magazine publication


Logo design


Website design


Social media


Content management


Video production



Branded Merchandise

Promotional products


Custom branded merchandise


Direct import capabilities


Catalog design & production


Packaging Design